Artfactory Siihtala

 Check out our programme:  www.kulttuuritehdas.fi

 Artfactory Siihtala is a gathering place for theater, events, shows, art and culture. 

 For more information, contact us at:  teatteri@traktori.net | +356 45 247 8232

 Rent a venue

 Siihtala has high ceilings and wide walls. We're constantly upgrading and developing our Artfactory and we have plenty of room. Contact us and come see for yourself!


 Work space / warehouse space 10€ / m2

 Practise / Hobby use

*Garage and Studio 12€ / h

 *Attic 10€ / h

 *Stage 16€ / h

 Private Events

 *Garage 25€ / h (kitchen not included)

 *Stage 50€ / h (kitchen not included)

 *Use of kitchen should be agreed upon separately, the rent price depends on how it's used

 *Artfactory Siihtala in its entirety: 600€ / day

Performance Events

*Garage  90€, includes 4 hours of use (approximately 70 seats)

 *Stage   200€, includes 4 hours of use

 Performance event rents include our basic audio and light tech. The renting party is responsible for cleaning up after themselves. 

 Staff (ie. roadie | tech | security | other): 40€ / hour

The Stage

Artfactory Siihtala's Stage is a large stage venue.

 *Stage measurements 

 Width: 12 meters

 Depth: 8 meters

 Height: 6,5 meters in the center, 4 meters on the sides

 Concrete floor

 2 entrances to the stage

 Rising auditorium audience with 222 seats.

 Temporary storage space available

 *Audio and light tech

 Amblifier with small mixer (3,5mm plug for Aux)

 2 speakers


 25 spotlights, dimmer, computer controlled

 *Attic will be the default changing room unless agreed otherwise. 

  Several bathrooms


 *Performance Venue 200€ / show, includes 4 hours of use

 *Private Events  50€ / hour

 *Practise / Hobby / Other cultural activity use 16€ / hour

 *Other pricing agreed upon separately

 Reservations and more information: teatteri@traktori.net


 Perfect for dance, therapy work etc.

 8 meters by 6 meters with mirror wall and a flexible wooden panel floor. No shoes, please!

 Rent: 12€ / hour

 Reservations and more information: teatteri@traktori.net


The Garage is good for small events, shows, clubs and parties.

 *Measurements: 12 meters by 8 meters, height is 4 meters to 6,5 meters

 Sits 50-70 people

 Café and bar counters and proximity to kitchen make service of food and drink easy


 Performance Venue: 90€ / show, includes 4 hours of use

 Private Use: 25€ / hour

 Practise / Hobby Use: 12€ / hour

 Kitchen use not included and needs to be agreed upon separately. 

 Audio and light tech: 

 *Mixer and amplifier


 *2 speakers

 *3,5mm plug for Aux

 *Projector and canvas

 Reservations and more information: teatteri@traktori.net


Good for small seminars, meetings or gatherings. Located upstairs, stair access only. 

 *Measurements: approx 8 meters by 5 meters

 Rent: 10€ / hour

 Reservations and more information: teatteri@traktori.net  

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