Artfactory Siihtala

 Check out our programme:  www.kulttuuritehdas.fi

 Artfactory Siihtala is a gathering place for theater, events, shows, art and culture. 

 For more information, contact us at:  teatteri@traktori.net | +356 45 247 8232

Our venues

 Siihtala has high ceilings and wide walls. We're constantly upgrading and developing our Artfactory and we have plenty of room. Contact us and come see for yourself!

The Main Stage

Artfactory Siihtala's Main Stage is a large stage venue.

  • Performance Venue 350€ / show, including 4 hours of use
  •  Private Events  50€ / hour
  •  Practise / Hobby / Other cultural activity use 16€ / hour
  •  Other pricing agreed upon separately

 Reservations and more information: teatteri@traktori.net

The Small Stage

The Small Stage is good for small events, shows, clubs and parties.

  •  Measurements: 12 meters by 8 meters, height is 4 meters to 6,5 meters

 Sits 50-70 people

 Café and bar counters and proximity to kitchen make service of food and drink easy


 Perfect for dance, therapy work etc.

 8 meters by 6 meters with mirror wall and a flexible wooden panel floor. No shoes, please!

 Rent: 12€ / hour


Good for small seminars, meetings or gatherings. Located upstairs, stair access only. 

  •  Measurements: approx 8 meters by 5 meters

 Rent: 10€ / hour


The Main Stage

  •  Stage measurements 

 Width: 12 meters, depth: 8 meters, height: 6,5 meters in the center, 4 meters on the sides.

 Concrete floor with 2 entrances to the stage.

 Rising auditorium audience with 222 seats.

 Temporary storage space available

  •  Audio and light tech

 Amblifier with small mixer (3,5mm plug for Aux)

 2 speakers and microphones, 25 spotlights, dimmer, computer controlled.

  •  Attic will be the default changing room unless agreed otherwise. 

  Several bathrooms

 The Small Stage

 Performance Venue: 120€ / show, including 4 hours of use without audio and light tech

200 € / show, including 4 hours of use and audio and/or light tech

 Private Use: 25€ / hour

 Practise / Hobby Use: 12€ / hour

 Kitchen use not included and needs to be agreed upon separately. 

  •  Audio and light tech: Mixer and amplifier, microphones, 2 speakers, 3.5mm plug for Aux, projector and canvas

 Practise / Hobby use

  • Small Stage and Studio 12€ / h
  •  Attic 10€ / h
  • Main Stage 16€ / h

Private Events

  •  Small stage 25€ / h (kitchen not included)
  •  Main Stage 50€ / h (kitchen not included)
  •  Use of kitchen should be agreed upon separately, the rent price depends on how it's used
  •  Artfactory Siihtala in its entirety: 600€ / day

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